One of the first companies with PRR Mobilizador running

LxBio announces a new phase of the Bio-Hub mobilizing agenda through the launch of the consortium website ( which will allow for quick and accessible dissemination of the project. Bio-Hub emerges as one of the first running agendas with the goal of developing and producing new biopharmaceuticals in Portugal aiming for international markets.

The Bio-Hub consortium led by LxBio, with co-promoters TechnoPhage, VectorB2B and the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon, intends to increase the export volume of high value-added goods, as well as to promote the hiring of highly qualified human resources, allowing Portugal to compete in the biopharmaceutical market at a global level.

In the first phase of this agenda, the Bio-Hub consortium intends to finance and support the development of innovative biopharmaceuticals, such as TP-102 that will lead the clinical trials of this agenda, being the first to be commercially produced and marketed by LxBio. This capability will be accomplished in this Agenda with the construction of a new industrial GMP Biopharma unit in Portugal to produce these innovative products. This unit will enable the production of various biopharmaceuticals developed in Portugal and will also be responsible for their distribution and commercialization in international markets.

“We are very excited about the implementation of the mobilizing agenda”, says Miguel Garcia, CEO of LxBio. “We are confident in carrying out the activities proposed in the agenda and in the innovation that the project will bring to the biopharmaceutical industry in Portugal”, further mentions Miguel Garcia.

The Bio-Hub Consortium has an incentive of €19M out of a total investment of €35M, which intends to see implemented by the end of 2025.